Our policies

The Internet Party was founded on the spirit of the internet, to help build an open, free, fair, connected and innovative society. Check out our 2017 policies.
Revise National Standards

We will take schools and the education system into the digital age, stepping up support for capability development and pedagogical change. We will:

  • Boost resources, systems and capabilities for teachers and educators to support pedagogical change, developing student-centred digital learning environments.
  • Review National Standards with a view to eliminating them, or modifying them to better reflect individuality and feedback-based learning.

Free Tertiary Education

If Free Tertiary Education was prioritised above tax cuts, and for new spending, it could be delivered immediately. We will work to deliver free education, protect academic freedom, and foster diverse areas of study. We will work to deliver:

  • No fees for study in public tertiary institutions and wānanga.
  • A universal student allowance and brand new summer jobs programme for students.
  • Student allowances for post-graduate students and the Training Incentive Allowance.
  • Development of a comprehensive loan forgiveness programme for those with existing debt.

Triple ICT Funding
  • Invest an additional $75 million to triple the amount of ICT funding to schools.

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Student Loan Forgiveness

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Privacy and Internet Freedom

We will resist mass surveillance, and work to safeguard your human rights and strengthen internet freedom. We will work to:

  • Immediately repeal the GCSB Bill and TICS Bill, and develop intelligence sharing agreements that are fit for our future.
  • Ensure the Bill of Rights is fit for a digital age and enshrine internet freedoms, potentially with a new Bill of Digital Rights.
  • Strengthen due process and transparency in internet filtering, website takedowns, and the role played by internet intermediaries.

Universal Access

We will work to halve the cost of internet use and ensure universal access to fast broadband across New Zealand so that all Kiwis are included in a digital future. We will:

  • Push for building a second fibre internet submarine cable connecting New Zealand to the rest of the world, and ending the international bandwidth monopoly.
  • Deliver fibre broadband to those outside the main cities using a community-led, locally suitable solution to deliver ultra-fast broadband to 97.8% of New Zealanders.
  • Overcome the digital divide by providing internet access to all New Zealanders currently unable to afford it, or who lack the necessary confidence, knowledge or skills to utilise it and access its benefits.

Encryption and FOSS

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Digital Bill of Rights

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Digital Innovation

We offer vision, leadership and determination to make New Zealand a prosperous country by becoming a global leader in the digital age. We will work to:

  • Boost innovation by increasing government investment in R&D by an additional $1 billion over the next 3 years and establishing university-centred innovation hubs.
  • Establish New Zealand as a world start-up incubator, by making it a place where talent wants to live, providing ‘Ideas Grants’, and increasing the availability of domestic and overseas venture capital investment.
  • Close the skills gap by doubling the number of tech workers in the digital economy through measures such as updating the immigration points system, facilitating non-university career paths and encouraging more people into IT careers.

Copyright Reform and CC

We will ensure that New Zealand’s copyright legislation is fit for the opportunities and challenges of the digital age. We will work to:

  • Boost options for accessing online content legally and ensure that New Zealanders are not held liable for getting around geo-blocking to access legal content online.
  • Update the Copyright Act 1994 for a digital age, including amending the 3 Strikes law; introducing a ‘fair use’ exception; and strengthening ‘safe harbour’ provisions.
  • Mandate that all taxpayer-funded research be made open access with the public able to freely access and re-use it.

Open Research

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Cooperative Funding

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Sovereignty and Independence

We will safeguard the ability of New Zealanders to democratically exercise sovereign control and make decisions without undue influence over our country. We will:

  • Commit to not using Executive power to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) without extensive public debate and independent assessment of the benefits and costs to New Zealand.
  • Review New Zealand’s participation in the Five Eyes intelligence sharing arrangement with a view to exiting from it.
  • Use diplomatic channels to oppose the USA’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to protect the privacy and rights of New Zealanders against the imposition of US legislation.

Responsive Government

We will increase transparency, make government services better, and increase people’s participation in government. We will:

  • Publish all Cabinet papers and government expenditure online.
  • Lead technology-enabled government transformation, bringing government into the digital age, to deliver services when and how people and businesses want them.
  • Push for online voting; create a Democracy Portal; and introduce direct democracy, including through facilitation of conditionally binding referenda and the repeal of laws passed by Parliament.

Crowdsourced Constitution

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Increase Kiwi Arts Allocation

We support innovative initiatives and the use of digital technologies that will enhance New Zealand’s art sector and strengthen our culture. We will:

  • Promote the use of Creative Commons licensing to help build an active culture of sharing, remixing and re-use with a view to reforming copyright laws.
  • Initiate a review of current funding programmes and their social/economic outcomes, with the aim of strengthening infrastructure and support for artist development and the growth of audiences.
  • Support further discussion around the development of ways to recognise past and present works and achievements, as well as ways to increase the ratio of Kiwi music - especially new music – played on commercial radio.

Support Public Broadcasting

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Review Arts Funding

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Digital Arts Initiatives

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Meals In Schools

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Whanau First

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