Candidate List

Our candidate list showcases a courageous and cutting-edge group of Kiwis who are committed to securing positive change for New Zealand in the digital age. They contested the 2017 General Election.

Internet Party People! We have now selected our Indicative Party List candidates and they have been ranked by our membership. Our candidates are regular people with heart, dedication, integrity and a commitment to the core values of the Internet Party of New Zealand.

Candidates List

Suzie Dawson
Age: 37
List position: 1
Home town: North Shore
Primary policy area: Governance
Secondary policy area: Human Rights
Bio: Journalist, whistle-blower, exile. Click for full bio
Benjamin Cooney
Age: 39
List position: 2
Home town: Mt Albert
Primary policy area: Broadcasting, Arts and Culture
Secondary policy area: Youth
Bio: Filmmaker, father, 6th generation New Zealander. Click for full bio
Daymond Goulder-Horobin
Age: 22
List position: 3
Home town: Botany
Primary policy area: Economy
Secondary policy area: Housing
Bio: BBus graduate (Economics and Finance), policy guru. Click for full bio
Jo Booth
Age: 37
List position: 4
Home town: Upper Hutt
Primary policy area: Health
Secondary policy area: Transport
Bio: Systems expert: design, development & deployment. Click for full bio
Blake Bedford-Palmer
Age: 20
List position: 5
Home town: Christchurch
Primary policy area: Christchurch
Secondary policy area: Technology
Bio: IT student, perhaps NZ's youngest Party List candidate! Click for full bio
Bruce King
Age: 55
List position: 6
Home town: Massey
Primary policy area: Environment
Secondary policy area: Energy
Bio: Research physicist, entrepreneur. Click for full bio
Nicholas Smith
Age: 46
List position: 7
Home town: Palmerston North
Primary policy area: Housing
Secondary policy area: Tourism
Bio: Activist, entertainer. Click for full bio
Jourdan Turner
Age: 24
List position: 8
Home town: Ellerslie
Primary policy area: Immigration
Secondary policy area: Education
Bio: Motivator, people person, membership director. Click for full bio