This app supercharges your Mac ⚡️

  • Better organize and track your time spent across apps and desktops!

  • Get app usage stats at a glance (even when you're full screen)

  • Manage your Mac’s Spaces like never before

  • The Stats Plus package has been incorporated into the app for FREE

Watch a short video demo!

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You don’t want to be watching the clock when you’re really in the zone, but wouldn’t it be great to have a way to look back an account for all the things you did? CurrentKey does it for you without being in your way. 🔮

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Did you know that your Mac can create virtual desktops? Let’s call them rooms. “Cool,” you say, “but how would I easily know where I am?” CurrentKey lets your menubar icon be unique for each room—that’s right, you pick the icon, the color, and the room’s name—customize it!

CurrentKey even lets you jump directly to a specific room, without needing to swipe between them or open Mission Control. Your Mac just got streamlined. 😮

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Some apps (like web browsers) can be used for countless tasks, so wouldn’t it be smart if you not only knew how much you used them, but also what context they were used in? CurrentKey lets you filter your app stats by room (your desktops, including full screen), so you can sift out cat videos from teleconferences. 👌



Unlike many competitors, which sync users’ data to the cloud, CurrentKey Stats always keeps your data local on your device. This denies even the possibility of a data breach. Check CurrentKey Stats’ robust privacy policy.


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Jump directly to a project/Desktop

Manage your Macs’ desktops like never before, giving each their own name and jumping directly between them. You can also assign custom hotkeys to go between them instantly!

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Rich info, always ready at a moment’s notice

CurrentKey Stats stores all of your data locally, so there’s never any need to log in to a website dashboard to view your stats. This means your stats are always just ONE click away!


Filter stats by project

Context is key when mapping out how you work!


Jump to any Desktop

You can name each of your spaces in order to keep organized in the best ways that work for you.


Personalize your settings

Want to have your days start and end at midnight? Can do! Does 4 am make more sense to you as a start of a day? We got you covered! Night owls rejoice!🌛


Watch the video, understand the power

Here's a quick run through of how you can name Spaces, jump directly between them, and change virtual desktops' custom icons with CurrentKey Stats.

It also shows how you can see time spent in apps, filtered by specific virtual desktops, and how you can easily share your day's top stats!


Persistent desktop names

With CurrentKey Stats, you can give every desktop the perfect name and unique icon to represent what your projects are and how you think about them. You’ll love getting creative with this cornucopia of options!

Customize with color

The way to make things pop in the menubar is to give color to your CurrentKey Stats icons. You can pick one color across all spaces (you seem like the bright red across the board type, right?) or customize each space with its own color (Your writing proposal project is going to be the mellow purple quill and your patent research can be the bright yellow lightbulb!)

300+ icons of varying style

You have a range of icons to meet every need. Both solid-art and line-art styles. I bet you can already imagine where the ice cream, carrot, and beer mug would match up metaphorically to your workflow. A plane for travel planning, a git-merge icon for coding, a shopping cart for holiday gift hunting, the list goes on… You can even add custom emoji characters in the menubar.

Add a border to be distinct

Once you start getting creative, it may be nice to have a thread of consistency between your unique icons in each space. Adding a border line to the bottom really pulls the look together so you always know which icon is representing CurrentKey.

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Stats Plus upgrade

While CurrentKey Stats offers a ton of app usage tracking and desktop management tools for FREE.

As of December 2019, the Stats Plus upgrade is now FREE too.

Stats Plus lets you view stats in a larger display with insights into your last month, past two weeks compared hour-by-hour, and gives you the ability to export your data in over 10 different reports!

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2-weeks, hour by hour

Was this Tuesday morning as productive as the last one? What were you prioritizing then vs now, and should you strategize differently around lunchtime? With a week-over-week comparison that’s hour-by-hour, you get granular stats that are relatable to your precise interest.


30 days of app stats

How does this Tuesday stack up against other Tuesdays this month? Get a broader look at things including a simple pie graph to check the overall situation, in addition to the day-by-day breakdown.


The power of exporting

Every bar chart and pie graph in the app (over 10) is accompanied by the ability to export the data as a report. That’s right, CurrentKey Stats doesn’t just let you get a backup of your data, but lets you get a backup that is useful, context specific, and comprehensible. 🙌 Also: there is the ability to export hour-by-hour app-usage data for 30 days (that’s a lot of stats)!


Stats galore!

With hour-by-hour, day-by-day bar charts, and total time pie charts, you get a comprehensive look at time spent.