Monday, 11 May 2009

Fortress Wales – Margam Park – 3rd/ 5th May

All of Meibion attended at some point during the weekend which was absolutely great.
I have no idea why but setting up the camp took ages – the ground in parts was exceptionally boggy – it had rained the previous day.
Carol, Sandra and Ron were our guests for the weekend it was nice to see them, also in our camp were Les and Marian and a very welcome addition they were too.
The weather on Sunday was good and as usual we had plenty of visitors – well done everyone the Camp looked great and as usual all Meibion had made the effort to be as authentic as possible – we still have a few things to do but we are nearly there.
It was multi period event and it was interesting to visit other camps depicting different eras - the STS were out and a World War II Jeep was captured – unfortunately we had to return it – good fun though.
Monday was overcast windy and colder than the day before – but again we had plenty of visitors – Including two reenactors Steve and Zoe who had a go with longbows while in uniform, great pictures you can find them in photobucket -it was great meeting you. It wouldn’t be Margam Park without rain and it didn’t let us down the wet stuff arrived.
All in all a very successful event – and the cherry on the icing came at the grand parade – it’s a good job that Josh and Luis attended because we won the award for The Best Living History Encampment – how good is that!!!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Chepstow Castle Easter 2009

At long last the gods were with us and the weather was with us, not sure if it was a pagan or christian god, but who cares he was there. Over the the 3 days all of Meibion were there with the exception of Chris who is in lurve, but he will learn ( just joking Chris)
Met Jon who joined us on the Saturday, so far so good, look out jon is a devil with the Longbow.
Was nice meeting up with old friends and meeting the lads and lasses of the Montgomery Levy, great bunch, we so hope not too many of our arrows penetrated your armour.
As always a great welcome from Pascal, Avril and the staff at this great castle.
Well here is looking to the next show May bank holiday 3rd / 4th Fortress Wales at Margam Park.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Welcome to Meibion y Ddraig

Well here we go, start of a new season and a new web site. Big thanks to Chris for the work done to the site in the previous 2 years and a big thanks to Eleanor for all the work she has put into the new site.

I don’t think many at Meibion y Ddraig will be blogging, why you ask? Because not many know their letters, so guess it will be down to the odd couple. (Not necessarily Nell and me)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Meibion y Ddraig

Well here is our blog to keep you all updated on what we are doing in 2009 and an update on the events we have been to.

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