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  • Constitutional Conservative
  • ​​​​17 Years’ Service on the District Court Bench 
  • Disabled Veteran, US Army Airborne
  • US Army Commendation Medal Recipient
  • Former Law Enforcement Officer
  • Former Volunteer Firefighter and EMT
  • North Carolina Native from a Military Family

Voting Starts February 13, 2020

re-elect mack for judge

Freedom | Family | Fairness

Your Choice for Experienced Judicial Leadership For Craven, Carteret and Pamlico Counties

A Note From Judge Pete Mack

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“I’ve cherished my 17 years serving the citizens of Craven, Carteret and Pamlico counties as a District Court Judge, dedicated public servant and disabled veteran. I announced my retirement at the end of 2019.

Since then, I’ve been absolutely shocked by the outpouring of support from people of all walks of life in our area asking me to reconsider, and run for re-election. I’m humbled by their faith in me.

I have been privileged to serve our community in many capacities—from Law Enforcement to EMT to Volunteer Firefighter and the US Army—but I am most proud of my years of experience on the Bench. So it would be my honor to maintain my service as a Judge for Judicial District 3B, and I again ask for your vote this March.” —Judge Mack

Judge Pete Mack

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Judge Mack's Values

judge pete mack new bern
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As a Soldier, Police Officer, and Judge, Peter Mack has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as well as the Constitution of the great state of North Carolina. He takes his oath seriously, and believes that “justice for all” is not simply a slogan. Dispensing “Justice For All, Favoritism Toward None” is part of his sacred duty as a Judge, and he treats everyone who comes before him with respect. He is particularly sensitive to issues affecting children and the elderly, and other vulnerable residents of our area.

Judge Mack was raised to always follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He believes every human being deserves to be heard, regardless of their position in life and other issues that may bring them to Court. Futures are on the line. Families are facing hard decisions. As a District Court Judge it is his job to treat everyone justly and fairly while upholding our laws. 

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I Have Lived To Uphold The Values Of A Safe, Free, And Just America

"I have been serving this country my whole adult life - as a member of the 82nd US Army Airborne,  Law Enforcement Officer, Volunteer Firefighter and EMT. And I want to continue doing this, as Judge to Craven, Carteret and Pamlico counties in order to keep you, my family, and my friends safe.

We all deserve access to a fair and just legal system.  

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pete mack craven county
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Voting Begins On February 13, 2020



Superior Court Judge Kenneth Crow (Ret)

Superior Court Judge John Nobles (Ret)

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