The Kyambura Gorge  (queen elizabeth national park) is the longest chasm in East Africa and it’s watered by stream Kyambura that keeps the forest with loads of food and water for the wildlife. The Kyambura Gorge otherwise called Kyambura Game Reserve is a piece of the mainstream and energizing Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. This spot is outstanding for trekking  chimpanzees, incredible apes that are close relatives of human beings. These primates can be seen as they move around the forest hoping from one to tree to another.


Kyambura is situated on north-eastern side of QENP, roughly 30 km from QENP Headquarters. Kyambura Gorge traverses a separation of 11 km and connections to the Kazinga Channel, which frames the northern limit of the hold. Town and villages are situated in the south.

High lights / what to see at kyambura gorge

The Gorge

The canyon is named after the Kyambura River which moves through this thick “underground forest”, 100 meters underneath the Kichwamba escarpment. The crevasse is best known for its occupant chimpanzees – some of which are habituated and can be followed through the timberland with prepared Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) guides.


It is home to several wildlife, incorporating the main primates in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The region is a vital water hotspot for some creatures and is encompassed by savanna, however is for the most part noted for its high convergence of primate life situated in the crevasse. Other remarkable primates one can likewise see in Kyambura Gorge are the red-tailed monkey, high contrast Colobus, vervet monkeys and baboons.

Things to Do

Chimpanzee Tracking

Kyambura Gorge is famous for its primate populace and the main place with habituated chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Kyambura Gorge encounter is more than finding chimpanzees in their common habitat: they shows guests about the environments of Kyambura Gorge’s climatic “underground” rain timberland, including vegetation sorts; winged animal distinguishing proof and conduct; and chimp and monkey nature.

In spite of the fact that chimp sightings are not ensured, guests stand a really decent possibility of hearing and seeing our inaccessible cousins as they are habituated. Visits last in the vicinity of one and three hours and begin at 8am and 2pm every day

The entire day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) works with a chimp group which is experiencing habituation. Early guests can watch chimps leaving their overnight homes between 6:00 – 6:30am preceding nourishing, making love, chasing, breastfeeding, resting, watching and showing until the point when the time has come to manufacture new homes around 7pm.

Nature Walks

While on your stroll through the gorge, you may spot different primates and the many bird species  found in the forest within the gorge. The passageway to the canyon is additionally a wonderful spot for a picnic/cookout. The Kyambura gorge is such a one of a kind fascination as it gives great perspectives to the guests down the forest which additionally offers great photograph diagramming and video taking spots. Private and game watch  survey of Black and white colobus monkeys, goliath woods swine’s and the red-followed monkeys, notwithstanding numerous others.


Kyambura Gorge Forest does offer chimpanzee following tracking     as well as such a variety of other fascinating visitor exercises like birding ( since it have a significant number of winged creature species), untamed life safaris for creatures like monkeys (Colobus and Red Tailed Monkeys) and Forest warthogs. It is a one out of an existence time encounter making the most of Uganda’s common magnificence from only one spot; KYAMBURA GORGE!

Where to Stay

Uganda is known as a serene state in Africa and accordingly you shouldn’t stress such a great amount on where to stay while on your chimpanzee following excursion. Around queen Elizabeth National Park premises, there are a few created lodging which can be utilized while on a visit at the Kyambura picnic enterprise’ among these we have;

 Some of the lodges at kyambura include

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Engazi hold up

Katara Lodge

Emin Pasha Lodge

Whichever convenience office you may pick, be prepared to encounter incredible administrations and superb perspectives/sights of different natural life species inside Queen Elizabeth National Park that will abandon you with grins like the African dim elephants that top off the recreation center