"You will die from old age, I will die from climate change"

Jerome Paulos

On September 20th, 2019, about 8,000 climate activists rallied in Downtown San Francisco to demand climate action from political leaders. Youth vs. Apocalypse, a group of diverse, young youth from the Bay Area took the initiative and organized the march. Students protested outside of many companies—such as BlackRock and PG&E—that are slowing progress towards fighting climate change. Youth vs. Apocalypse recognizes that this fight is not easy, and it requires the whole world to change the way that they have been living in a short time period. While change can be difficult, the youth have made it clear that change is absolutely necessary if we want to have a future on this planet.

The Berkeley High Jacket sent 10 photographers to capture history at the march, as well as gathering photos and Instagram stories from Berkeley High School students at the protest.

Lena Ostroy Harp
Mattias De Los Rios Rogers
Maralina Caldas
Lena Ostroy Harp
Bella Nathan
Lena Ostroy Harp
Nina Morasky
Bella Nathan
Lena Ostroy Harp
Estella Nakahara-Hemp
Estella Nakahara-Hemp
Jerome Paulos
Jerome Paulos
Mattias De Los Rios Rogers,
Jerome Paulos
Nina Morasky
Maralina Caldas
Nina Morasky
Genevieve Quinn
Andrew Huang

Demands of the Youth:

We demand justice and asylum for people displaced by climate change.

We demand a safe, healthy and just planet.

We demand policy based on science.

We demand that humans protect the rights of nature.


We demand equal rights for all.

We demand a just transition.

We demand that people, not corporations, influence policy.

The following photos and videos were submitted by Berkeley High School students:

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