what we don't see.

by laila diaz

If depression and anxiety were to take a physical form, what would it look like?

It starts with a physical representation of putting on a face to please the world, and then takes us into the person’s head and what it is like to have two opposite forces try to control your life all inside your head.

The stigma around mental health is mostly due to it occurring in your head, leaving us with the question, how would people react if it took a physical form? With this series of photos, I hope that there is more empathy for those who struggle with issues surrounding mental health, as it is just as important as physical health.

The black hand represents depression, whereas the red one is anxiety, a color scheme that continues throughout, and they are both pictured on the person’s head in an almost physical tug of war. The black cloth is a physical representation of drowning in your thoughts, and unable to escape. A theme that continues to the hands on the glass, a trapped feeling, one where you feel as if there is no escape.

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Image by Lalia Diaz


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