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This is what BootersNetwork once was then came along and forced a friend of mine from 2009 to turn his back on me. then they caused bootersnetwork to originally get run into the ground. Yet despite the back turning and the running community into the ground part. I still do this for the friend from 2009. In the end he was my friend. so to those 2 who think they know what they are doing let me say this get lost. The guy Vector is a backstabber he wants to use friendship as smarts. Instead of making friends with everyone around him. This Is The Real BootersNetwork Website we are truly sorry for any inconvenience with other website we are working on it also the other discord has been stolen so we are working on making a new discord and securing it this time. This is my story from dealing with all this. Thanks for stopping by.

With all that said welcome to our official BootersNetwork CoMMuNiTy website. is our backup.

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