One For Jasmina

In January of this year our dear little friend Jasmina was diagnosed with NK leukemia. For the past 11 months sweet Jasmina has battled the disease with amazing strength and perseverance.  Her beautiful spirit has continued to shine even through the worst of times. Sunday, Camilla and I set up shop at a holiday boutique show to sell tee shirts that we designed and made to raise money for Jasmina.  You can find out more about Jasmina by going to oneforjasmina.com. We are selling them for $25, If you are interested in buying one please contact us at  butterflybyday@gmail.com

Six year old Jasmina

Tee Shirts available in S/M/L

Jasmina and her mommy

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path"- Agatha Christie
XO Valerie and Camilla


Nash said...

This is so sweet. You guys are adorable. I wish I could do a fashion blog with my mommy :)

Tatiana Fogt said...

very cute i love the bond between you and your mom
i also love the tshirt for that little girl
can i have one? haha
keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Great initiative! You girls are amazing! so giving, creative and fun!

Siru said...

I'm so close to tiers right now. It's so fantastic that people car of each other!

juliet xxx

bananas. said...

oh i love this. what a beautiful thing you're doing for jasmina. i lost my little brother to leukemia so this post is dear to my heart.

soph // and other things said...

Good luck with selling the t-shirts! My thoughts and prayers are with Jasmina and her family. xx

michelle_ said...

this is super sweet .
you two are such a great pair :)

Rosalind said...

Thats such an inspirational thing to do- I wish you and her all the best. I'm sure those t-shirts will sell! I think its amazing to do all of that for her.. Wat carinf people.
Also, thanks for the very sweet comment.


Lia said...

That's such a lovely idea!
Adorable girlie too:)


Fabiola "Fab" said...

what a gorgeous little Jasmina!