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“ATWA is much more than Air, Water.  It’s Honor - order – all the things it TAKES to redeem itself.” - Charles Manson

The green Brigade is its own group. Any support we receive from other organizations is appreciated, however, our alliance is to Nature. We have no formal agreements with any other group and it will remain that way. Please do not take any endorsements of us from any other group as anything more than what they are, endorsements of our message and more affirmation that we are on the right path.
We appreciate all of your support in securing the future of our planet and our people.

And to touch on The Base

This is going to be a very long post, but bear with me, it's a VERY important message.

So recently it has come to my attention that milquetoast nationalist outlets (I'm looking at you Renaissance Horizon) have been claiming that the recent revelations by *The Guardian* about the alleged leader of The Base having a history in intelligence is proof positive that The Base is a glownigger honeypot operation in it's whole, and that National Socialist militias are also glownigger operations as a whole. While I cannot confirm or deny these claims with 100% confidence, being as I am not the alleged leader of The Base, I can point out several major flaws in this argument, as well as give a take on the bigger picture as a whole. Also some of our guys (NS militants) have been falling for an ANTIFA operation. It's important we clear this all up.

1. It is well known among all those who do not have double digit IQ's that glowniggers have been engaging in all sorts of chicanery at the highest levels for decades, at the least. Assassinating Presidents of the United States, allegedly the most powerful man in the world, pulling the strings on Italian-American Mafias, allegedly the most powerful elements in the Anglosphere underworld, and most importantly in this case, being involved with drug cartels and black money in the hundreds of billions, if not trillions, over the decades. The doxx of the alleged leader of The Base was through documents obtained by The Guardian about their LLC which they used to purchase 10 acres of undeveloped land for 33k. Setting up LLC's and shell corporations is what glowniggers do. Does anybody with two brain cells to rub together truly believe that these glowy elements are not sophisticated enough to set up an LLC that could fool some fucking liberal journalists at The Guardian? Who among the intelligent believe that some 9-5 liberal journalist can outwit the CIA and FBI? It's ridiculous on the face of it.

2. If The Base was set up by a federal agent to be a honey pot why did it take another federal agent to infiltrate and entrap members of The Base for them to be arrested? If the leader of The Base was a federal agent with associated funding and sophistication, why not set up recording devices? Footage and audio of The Base guys as a whole fed posting after a day spent training with firearms and martial arts, coupled with the propaganda The Base put out (both videos, posters, and online posts) coupled with the general liberal worldview that permeates The West, coupled with a ZOG jewdicial system, would have been more than enough to get *all* The Base members attending any one training camp arrested and put away. But no. What it took was an *actual* federal agent to infiltrate and entrap members of The Base to trigger, in part, (excluding the totally based plan to open fire at the Virginia 2A rally to spark the boogaloo), the wave of arrests we saw. A fed could not risk setting up cameras and microphones alone once he got invited to a training camp because if he got caught he would get redacted. But if a fed was running this he could set them up beforehand and get EVERYBODY. But that did not happen did it? A good article on how the feds infiltrated and entrapped members of The Base can be read on Eric Striker's entitled "The Base: Inside The FBI's Newest Scary Story".
I know Striker and the alt right are, like identitarians, faggot deradicalizers, which I will touch on soon, but simply read the article in a vacuum devoid of context as to who wrote it, and it explains how the feds entrapped The Base members. It does not read like a fed infiltrated a fed set up organization (which does not make sense). It reads like a fed infiltrated a NS militia and entrapped members. It should be noted that it is on very good and direct authority that DOZENS of The Base members have not been arrested - because they avoided being entrapped by the actual fed that the glowies sent in. That would not be possible if a fed set up the organization and was logging all of the internal communication. On good authority there were around 30 Base members at a single training camp, and thus far how many have been arrested? 10? And three of those were for the Virginia plot which they mentioned digitally and had nothing to do with informants or honey pots. How could a fed set up fail to catch so many guys? Because it was not a fed set up, only a fed infiltration.

3. Real recognizes real. Real martial artists recognize real martial artists. Real carpenters recognize real carpenters etc etc. When watching The Base's propaganda, especially that video with the Hamrer Hippyer sound track, what did your natural instincts tell you? They told you this is a great piece of Aryan propaganda meant to revitalize the dormant martial Aryan spirit that Jewish subversion has attempted to render impotent. Trust your instincts, now and always. That video only benefited our cause.

Now that we have poked MAJOR holes in the "feds created The Base theory" let's move on to ANTIFA and the bigger picture.

4. The ANTIFA operation. Very recently The Base's official telegram channel deleted all of its NS propaganda, and replaced it with posts saying The Base is a fed operation. Why on EARTH would the feds do such a thing? I do not even need to explain this. However, it has come to light, from The Guardian no less, that the current owner of The Base's telegram channel, is an anti fascist who has been in The Base for over a year. It's unbelievable that The Guardian could expose glowies, but not that they would know what antifa is up to. Antifa and mainstream media have been working together against us for decades. For proof of this read the article entitled "Prepping for a race war: documents reveal inner workings of neo-Nazi group". Here is a direct quote from said article: "The Guardian’s source said that in recent months “the pieces were coming together to build the infrastructure for a strong, neo-Nazi militant underground, with places to train, to make connections and expand the network.” (based) He felt he had to act to stop it... *The Guardian’s source, an anti-Nazi activist,* rose to a position of trust within the group, which allowed him to take thousands of screenshots in chatrooms used by the Base since 2018..." And most importantly "The same *infiltrator took control of The Base’s telegram channel in the early hours of Saturday morning, US time, and posted multiple memes mocking the group’s founder*, Rinaldo Nazzaro."

So what is antifa's goal here? The same as the deradicalizers: To dissuade pro white men from forming militias. And so many of our guys are falling for it. I am not saying go join The Base, their op sec has been blown by a federal infiltrator, but not by a fed Honeypot. It should also be noted that the alleged leader of The Base is living in Russia currently, what kind of an American glowie would be sent to live there of all places? American and Russian intelligence are at odds, not sheltering one another's agents.
I get that the alleged leader of The Base's history in intelligence would make any National Socialist wary, but balance that against all the points made above, and ask yourself if it is really so unlikely that there is at least ONE white man in the intelligence community who had the intelligence to notice white genocide, and the courage to try to do something about it? Yes he seems to have failed, but he tried something.

So what happened here? A fed infiltrated a legit NS militia, and antifa also had an infiltrator in the organization. The only lesson here is have tighter op sec. Do not shy away from forming militias. Do not assume like the faggot Civic and milquetoast nationalists that everybody preaching and training for direct action is a fed.

5. Now for the big picture: many alt right and identitarians will point out how often pro white militias and paramilitaries are targeted, infiltrated, and or subverted by federal agents, as if this proves their point. This is true. And why? Because THAT is the only element that the system truly FEARS. They do not fear effeminate podcasters, or identitarians dropping a banner , they fear white men saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. "I will no longer operate within the boundaries that the enemy who is killing my people HAS set". "I will train my body to be a weapon" , "I will train with firearms, explosives, knives, Ryder trucks, and anything else I have to to destroy this KIKE SYSTEM THAT IS GENOCIDING MY People". The system does not fear electoral change, they can tamper with votes. The system does not fear alt right media and narratives, they have a multi billion dollar media system and a 100 year head start. They DO fear the wrath of the white man crashing down on their heads with the fury of a thousand generations of their ancestors cheering them on to victory! Do not fall for the deradicalizers! Do not fall for ANTIFA operations! Do not fall within the bounds of the system! To victory with PURE UNADULTERATED ARYAN VIOLENCE! HAIL TERRORGRAM!
The Green Brigade is an international group, that includes the wild wetland marshes of Florida located in the USA and protecting the ecosystems there.
If you have questions or would like to join, please email at

We advise any feds reading this to suck on a bullet, you're not able to get past vetting.
We advise antifa to look into how letting 3rd world shitskins into industrialized countries is killing the planet at record speeds.
We advise able bodied white men of sound body, mind, and spirit, to email us and figure out how to keep their communities safe.
From Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA to Stora Sjöfallet, Sweden, the blaze of The Green Brigade is felt.
“If we had never done anything violent and had submitted the
present writings to a publisher, they probably would not have been accepted. If they had been been accepted and published, they probably would not have attracted many readers, because it’s more fun to watch the entertainment
put out by the media than to read a sober essay. Even if these writings had had many readers, most of these readers would soon have forgotten what they had read as their minds were flooded by the mass of material to which the media expose them. In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we’ve had to kill people.” Dr. Kaczynski
As of today, the Green Brigade is disbanded. Due to the sudden (and now prolonged) disappearance of certain key members, including the founder, the decision had to be made one way or another. We still have members in every place we have discussed, and a few we have not. This group disbanding does not mean activities have ceased from everyone, it means the organization has been successful in it's objectives and created cells in multiple locations who now have the capacity to go dark and complete their objectives without compromising their activities by alerting people online. It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but the project was a success that could have gone on longer without their disappearance. It is in all members current interests and safety for the organization to disband on an official level and let them continue their activities with their cells without the inherent overhead risk any organization brings.
Never forget your beliefs.
Never forget why you train and workout. The world is only getting worse.
We're going to continue taking a proactive approach off the radar, are you?
Just because this organization has decided the smart thing to do at the moment for it's members is to disband, that does not mean there is no more work to get done.
Best of luck in your actions.
Best of luck in your struggle.
You know what to do.