The range of supports and services offered by Say Yes Guilford and its partners in our community are anticipated to include tutoring and after-school programming; medical and mental health counseling; guidance on college admissions and financial aid, and free legal assistance. Check back for more details as these services are confirmed.

What Are Supports?

​It takes a community to provide supports needed to help students graduate from high school and be successful in their post-secondary educations. Say Yes Guilford will build supports to help students every step of the way, from kindergarten readiness through earning a college degree or certificate.

Currently, we’re assessing the types of support that students need at every stage. Over the next five years, Say Yes to Education will invest $15 million to fund critical supports that will help students — from preschool through college — succeed. In other Say Yes to Education communities, supports include tutoring, after-school programs, summer programs, medical care, counseling and legal assistance. In addition, Say Yes to Education invests in building capacity in our community, as well as technology.

To learn more, visit our postsecondary planning system page.

Contact Us

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