Ghost Lights ’16 today at 2pm

Short works / 2015 / 50min
Sat 16.4.2016 klo 14:00 Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 Helsinki


This compilation shows the slow processes of separations and coalitions, relating to symbolic buildings, metals of the earth, cosmic events, appearances in materiality and relationships. Ghost Lights is a series of new videoworks distributed worldwide by the Finnish media art distribution centre AV-arkki. The compilation is curated yearly since 2011 by AAVE Festival.

1. Liinu Grönlund: East River (2015 / 7min)
UN headquarters stand on the eastern side of Manhattan by the East River. Stories of the past and about the natural history of the river interact with the found footage from the archive of Youtube.

2. Tuomas A. Laitinen: The Powder of Sympathy (2015 / 8min)
The Powder of Sympathy sets in motion a frantic flow of images combined with feverish pounding, hissing and rattling sounds sourced from West Africa, the USA and China. Accompanied by Jenna Sutela’s script, the video tracks the mythical and chemical characteristics of copper.

3. Niina Suominen: Breaking Up is Hard To Do (2015 / 9min)
Video about the destruction of unnecessary objects.

4. Anssi Kasitonni: Finnish Midsummer 2169, (2016 / 10min)
In the year of 2169 there will be a solar eclipse during Midsummer Eve in Finland. That changes the life of a certain female vampire bat.

5. Juha van Ingen: One (2015 / 8min)
The camera of a mobile phone hasn’t been able to capture the original view and the resulting video contains only mystical glitch. What causes the glitch? What is the moment or subject, which was originally attempted to be documented? Is there a huge planet or a tiny cell in the video? Perhaps it is something else – a human or even God?


Our series of bold, and sometimes outrageous works continues its legacy with three screenings. In our 2016 program we screen Ghost Lights, a compilation of the new Finnish video works that came in distribution 2015 via AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, Pekka Sassi´s works about Kolya, a metaphysical hooligan involved in disruptions both in heaven and on the earth and a compilation of the works by Israeli artist Roee Rosen, in where the games on intersectional identities are played in the fields of domination in sex, politics, arts and entertainment.