“Absolved” – Reassembled

From over the transom:

I read ‘Absolved’ in serial form, as chapters were released, in 2009-10 on Sipsey Street Irregulars and WRSA, and eagerly awaited its conclusion, or publication, over many years.

Mike Vanderboegh passed away August 10, 2016, leaving the project incomplete.
Perhaps someday someone, whether a friend or an heir, will formally publish the work, in
whichever state it is in. This editor feels that ‘Absolved’ is an important historical and
educational work that must be preserved in a distributable, consumable form, lest it disappear off the internet forever. To quote Mr. Vanderboegh:

I hope that when I’m done with what I envision now as a trilogy (plus the technical
manual), the Absolved series can perhaps take its place alongside these other “useful dire
warnings.” Being a practical man, however, I recognize that this is but a glimmering hope.
Events rush by, pushing us like rudderless boats in a strong current to where we know not.

Tip of the white ten-gallon hat to David Codrea for maintaining the original index, Bill St.
Clair for archiving all chapters, several of which disappeared from War on Guns at some point, and Concerned American for hosting many of the original chapters.

The only alterations to this text by the editor are very light copy editing and transition from
HTML blog format to novel format in a printer-friendly PDF. Archive.org has done its magic and generated numerous electronic formats, such as ePub and Kindle, so that readers can use whatever works for them.

And now I give Absolved back to you, the people.



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