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  Windsor Police Service News Update
Date:  Monday, June 22, 2020
In the last 72 hours members of the Windsor Police Service have:

  • Answered 941 calls to Emergency 9-1-1 phone lines
  • Responded to 265 calls to 911 requiring police attendance
  • Handled 975 calls for service (dispatched or officer-initiated)
  • Issued 69 tickets for provincial offences (traffic and alcohol violations etc.)
  • Arrested and lodged 28 prisoners in the WPS Detention Unit cells
Police Officer Social Media Post Regarding Fast Food Experience
The Windsor Police Service is aware of a recent social media post involving how an on-duty officer was received at a local Arby’s restaurant.
As reported, during the evening of June 19th, a WPS officer attended an Arby’s restaurant drive-thru. During the process of obtaining his order, the officer observed two restaurant employees kneeling and looking at him. The officer’s order was completed by the restaurant manager while the two other employees remained kneeling. The officer photographed the scene, cancelled his order, received a refund and left the restaurant without further incident. 
The officer shared his experience and the photo with an off-duty officer who, in turn, posted both the photo and the inaccurate detailing of events to his personal social media account. The off-duty officer implied in his post that this Arby’s restaurant should not count on the off-duty police officer responding to their location should they need it. The conduct of the off-duty officer is now under internal review. At no time did the Windsor Police Service commence an investigation into the Arby’s restaurant or its employees.
The Windsor Police Service did not authorize nor do we support the message posted by the off-duty officer. We want to re-assure the community that the safety of everyone is paramount and our officers will always respond to all calls for service.
Moreover, the Windsor Police Service respects lawful and peaceful demonstrations and has been honoured to attend recent local gatherings in support of eliminating all forms of racism and discrimination. 
We encourage local connections and strongly encourage our officers to support local businesses, especially during these unique times. We support our officers who work hard to serve the community. We also support members of the community who want to exercise their right to protest and otherwise express themselves.
It was in this moment and through this specific interaction where we can reflect that there is a place in our society for public safety that is inclusive and without bias, and guided by a community partnership roadmap rooted in trust and transparency. What happened between the on-duty officer and the employees of the Arby’s compels constructive discourse rather than animosity.
We have reached out to all parties involved with an invitation for dialogue, including the affected employees at the Arby’s restaurant.
The Windsor Police Service regrets that an off-duty officer elected to post to his personal social media account an inaccurate depiction of events. The Windsor Police Service does not and cannot serve in the absence of public trust and confidence. We value, honour and respect that vital relationship and hope to continue forward with our community on a path to equality for all. 
For further information:
Contact the WPS Corporate Communication Unit's Public Information Officer at (519) 255-6700 ext. 4250.
Content posted by:
Sergeant Steve Betteridge
Corporate Communications Unit
Windsor Police Service - Headquarters
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Office: (519) 255-6700 ext. 4250


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