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Gender Critical Feminism


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A recent report shows there are 68,000 victims of female genital mutilation in Germany, a progressive Western country. This is a 44% increase since 2017, and up to 15,000 young girls could be at risk.

And yet, it's fucking silence from TRAs. I thought they were "women." If they're women, where is their solidarity? Where is their heartache over the plight of women and girls? In some countries over 90% of women and girls suffer the horrors of female genital mutilation. We cannot opt out of our sex. We cannot decide one day that we no longer want to be women and just escape the hundreds (if not more) years of sex-based oppression. And more importantly, they cannot LARP as women and ignore issues like this while focusing instead on what a fucking author says on Twitter because it's supposed "violence."

I'm fucking angry, and I am not taking it anymore. Also, today I discovered one of my childhood friends is acquainted with Emilia Decaudin which really got me boiling mad lol.

If you are a trans woman reading this, I say this to you: if you're as woman as you say you are, then speak the fuck up about this and show support. Otherwise, we don't need you... get out of our lane.

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One of my female coworkers answered the phone, I wasn’t paying much attention, but when she hung up after a short convo, she stared at it a couple seconds, let out a little sigh, and quietly said, “I’m like 90% sure that guy was j***ing off while I was talking to him.”

We let out a collective “UGH!!!” of disgust and familiarity, and another woman said, “Seriously, why do men do that? Women don’t do that. We don’t call men at work and, you know.”

Then another said, “I knew a transwoman who did it.”

Other coworker: “Huh?”

“A transwoman. I rented a room from her. She’d call places and wait for a woman to pick up and do that if she liked their voice.”

Other coworker: Shakes head

(My boss was out of the room; if she’d been there, there’s no way the conversation would have gone that far.)


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I have no clue what to do. I’m not even sure if this is the right subreddit, but I don’t want to post in a big one (askreddit, etc) and get mountains of hate-mail. She’s just got her period maybe a couple of months ago, and at the age of 11 she’s posting a tiktok coming out as pansexual, and putting it in her bio.

She also tends to be too relaxed in giving out personal information, and I’ve personally busted her about talking to “boys from other countries” who are “her age” but “won’t talk or show their face” when they FaceTime because they’re “phones are broken” or other lame ass excuses. Bringing this to light for her father (my brother) and my mother who has really taken a large part in raising her, just led to her dad saying “I’m going to be back from vacation next week, delete everything you wouldn’t want me to see.” I shit you not. That just made me so fucking disgusted.

Ever since she was little, she was always pacified with electronics. My mom’s iPad while she was a toddler, and now for the past couple years, her iPhone. She’ll lock herself in her room all day, on her phone, on Tiktok, snapchat, etc. I fear that the indoctrination from the OVERLY PC and ~inclusive~ (unless you’re the majority, then you’re excluded you stupid bigot) social media’s she uses are drastically altering her image of herself, and the world.

I’d have nothing wrong with her growing up, going on dates and finding out “hey I’m not straight”. Or even just plain finding out that she really is sexually attracted to ____. She is 11. YEARS. OLD. I’m worried that she’s growing to resent the fact that she’s just a white straight girl, based on what she sees online.

I’m afraid of bringing this up to my brother, or my mom. I don’t want this to turn into something extremely traumatic for her, but I’m afraid the focus of any discipline will be less concerned with the way she’s using her phone and the information she’s putting out, but moreso that she says she’s not cishet.

I don’t even know if I could personally have a conversation about this with her, and explain anything in a way she could understand! She’s so young for god’s sake. She was always a smart kid, but for the past few years she’s been more focused on using that to be sneaky online, and avoid schoolwork. I feel like I’m watching my nieces life just go on a downward spiral, mostly because of lack of structure in her life and this massive addiction and obsession with the internet!!

I’m so lost. Please help.

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This is the axis libfeminism and female socialisation seems to be predicated on. The single worst charge against radfems is that they're exclusionary, mean, "you can't sit with us" types. But.. why is this given the magnitude as males who are verbally and physically abusive? in all of this time, I have yet to see a TRA campaign targeting the gross, pornsick and no doubt abusive "chasers" who scout for TiMs on dating sites and harass, abuse or even murder them.

I have also yet to see a cancelling that rivals that of JKR's aimed at any of the men in the spotlight who openly critique TRA logic (Ricky Gervais, Boy George, Jonathan Ross to name a few in the UK). This whole thing seems like an operation to jolt society back to a time when women's basic rights to participate in public life were being contested.

It's so clearly a men's rights movement but it's incredible just how effective they've been in harnessing that desire most women have to be inclusive, protect the vulnerable and generally just absorb the disenfranchised into their ranks. And it's concerning me bc I can easily see libfems/young women getting behind the MAPs/"virtuous pedophiles" garbage too, in the not so distant future.

I would be interested to read studies on what makes so many women get behind social causes so readily, often to their own detriment (pro-prostitution, TWAW etc), and if this is a phenomenon that can even reversed or counteracted.


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