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The writer of X-MEN CHILDREN OF THE ATOM and WILDCATS speaks out on the comics industry.

  Feature Comics C1 BOOKSTORE

 Electric Man Arrow Action

Electric Man Arrow is a robot who has been infused with electric power. His true identity is a mystery as is the origin of his immense power. However, a case of mistaken identity makes Arrow the prime suspect in a string of sabotages…
 Kazan Action

Kazan follows the adventures of a boy warrior searching for his childhood companion on a desert planet. Magic and swordplay accompany Kazan and his friends on the road to the legendary country Goldene.
 Hamster Club Animal

When their owners aren't around, the hamsters at Hamster Club get into all sorts of trouble. When one hamster is mistakenly thought to be male, everyone is in for a big surprise…
 Weed Animal

Weed is a courageous little dog who searches for his father, the legendary Boss Dog, Ginga. During his journey, he encounters many other kinds of dogs. Some are wild, and others help him along the way. Will Weed ever find his father?
 Loan Wolf Comedy

Hitomi and Mori are two oddball friends trying to pay off a 100 million yen debt to the government. This buddy comedy is all about growing up and being yourself in the surreal world of modern consumer culture.
 Nurse Call Drama

Medical crisis and personal trauma often go hand-in-hand, and no one knows this better than Saki Asami, a nurse working at the Emergency Unit of Suginami General Hospital. Working with dedicated physicians such as Doctor Kuraishi and Doctor Shiraki, Asami takes part in the dramas of her patients' lives.
 Wild Boogie Gambling

This seriocomic series reveals the secrets of Pachinko, the gambling craze of Asia. Two young hustlers test their skill against the pachinko parlors lining the streets of Tokyo.
 Joan History

Set in Medieval France, Joan is about Emil, a young woman raised as a man in the same way Joan of Arc was. Following visions of Joan, Emil undergoes her own mission of uniting France under the divine rule of the King.
 Devil in the Water Horror

This collection of horror short stories includes tales of murder, romance and the supernatural. From ghosts who haunt their husband-murderers to cats who witness bizarre events, these stories will intrigue and fascinate.
 Dream Hotel Romance

The staff at Dream Hotel is known for customer service and hospitality - a place where guests can come to heal themselves. The manga is a collection of stories about guests who were guided by the staff during their stay
 Maico 2010 SciFi

Meet Maico - android radio DJ of the near future. Everyone in Tokyo wants her - to possess, to love, or to destroy. But only her creator knows Maico's secret sensual purpose...
 Sarai SciFi

Genetic disorders have destroyed the future for adults. Among the remnants of humanity, teenage warrior maids like Sarai fight for honor and survival in a land where no one lives past their 20th year.
 Standard Blue SciFi

Young Shiki runs away from home to live with her grandfather, who runs the Ushio Sea Service in the man-made island-city of Standard Blue. With the help of the Ushio's crew, Shiki learns about herself and her family's deep connection to the sea.

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