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We now have a new section of images that have been submitted to us .   These are pictures of general interest  including trucks recently purchased, original, or  undergoing restoration

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HELP - Does anyone have any original pics of Chevy's or GMC's with DUKW (super singles) tires on them?  Please email me if you do. Thanks!

 Historic Photo Gallery

Please email or send us your favorite Chevy  or GMC truck photo or related item for posting.  Please include a short description. This section is for historical photos, and restored vehicles of unique interest.

Chevy Fire truck responding to scene of B29 crash. Submitted by Dave

man-by-truck_O.jpg (44849 bytes)

An early  Chevy "Vehicle of Victory" in active duty during WWII

dually-GMC_O.jpg (183389 bytes)

The Chevy and GMC were designed to take dual wheels on the front as well as the back.  Typically they were used only in very wet/soft conditions to allow the truck to "float" a bit more on the mud or snow.  


Chevy Van K51.JPG (16235 bytes)

A great looking K-51 Radio Van belonging to Steve Krentler at the Red Ball Rally in PA

Chevy-Engrs-on-bridge.jpg (108280 bytes)

Ed Smith of Ventura County, CA shared this post card of Chevy's carrying bridging supplies.  It was taken early in the 40's and may be from training and manuevers in Louisiana

bomb truck on dock_web.jpg (45260 bytes)

Chevy Bomb Trucks awaiting loading at port (Photo courtesy of Steve Keith)

chevys on dock_web.jpg (46940 bytes)

Lots of Chevys at unidentified dock facility (Photo courtesy of Steve Keith)

Chevy being lowered into the hold. (Photo courtesy of Steve Keith)

Redball-Chevys_web.jpg (142330 bytes)

Red Ball Express Chevy's
These tractor-trailers are Chevy NK-G-7113 models with 3 1/2 ton trailers.  The picture was taken during refueling on September 4, 1944.
(Photo thanks to Ed Smith)

wacs and chevy trk.JPG (176121 bytes)

Great WWII original Chevy photo submitted by Sgt. Richard Ford ( of Collinsville, IL.  Note - this truck clearly shows the round serpentine style brush guard used on the early Chevys.

field lighting1.jpg (43288 bytes)

Chevy Field Lighting Truck.  This configuration shows up in many Chevy technical manuals and WWII vehicle publications.  It is unknown how many were ever produced and we have never seen any actual photographs of these in use during the war. If anyone has anymore information, let us know.

This group of  K43 Communication trucks was provided by Tom van Gangelen of the Netherlands. Contact Tom at (see sales section for Tom's K43 for sale)

Early Chevy G-506 courtesy of Sgt. Ford.

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