JASL is the oldest and largest AIDS-focused, human rights, non-governmental organisation. It is dedicated to preserving the dignity and rights of persons living with HIV and AIDS, and those vulnerable to HIV infection; and to help in the fight against the spread of the epidemic in Jamaica.

Our services are offered to persons living with and affected by HIV and AIDS, including key target groups:

  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
  • Sex workers (SW)
  • Hearing impaired (HI) and deaf
  • Transgender persons
  • Orphan and vulnerable children (OVC)
  • Key groups of women affected by violence in the context of HIV; as well as The general population.

In 1991 the organisation was first established as Jamaica AIDS Support (JAS), and was the first NGO specifically responding to HIV. JAS was charged by the Ministry of Health to continue the work among persons living with HIV (PLHIV), men who have sex with men (MSM) and sex workers (SW) as trust had been established through the provision of a stigma free zone in which everyone could access testing, counselling and treatment irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, race, occupation, colour, class economic status or religion. The agency opened “Life”, an AIDS Hospice which provided treatment and care for PLHIV from 1992 - 1997 when individuals were able to source acceptable treatment at clinics and hospitals island-wide.

JASL today operates three Chapters across the island, and has expanded its programmes further to include and meet the needs of the hearing impaired (HI), orphan and vulnerable children (OVC), key groups of women affected by violence in the context of HIV and Transgender persons.

JASL aims to be a world class leader creating and utilising best practices in the delivery of services to persons living with and affected by HIV and AIDS in Jamaica and participating in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS in Jamaica in an enabling environment.





A Jamaican society which celebrates human diversity; preserves the rights and dignity of all; and provides services to all based on Love, Action and Support.
To be the lead civil society partner to the government in the national response to HIV/AIDS through rights based programme implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation for the promotion of universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support services.
JASL is spearheaded by a Board of Directors through an Executive Director who manages the day-to-day operations of the entity. The services of the organisation are delivered island-wide through the Central Administration at its head office and three Chapters.

  • Mr. Ian McKnight – Co-Founder and Board Director Jas
    Mr. Ian McKnight – Co-Founder and Board Director
  • Fr. Garth Minott – Chairman Jas
    Fr. Garth Minott – Chairman
  • Althea Bailey Jas
    Mrs. Althea Bailey – Co-Founder & Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Aston Cooke Jas
    Mr. Aston Cooke
  • Mrs. Andrea Chin Se Jas
    Mrs. Andrea Chin See
  • Mr. Trevor Blake Jas
    Mr. Trevor Blake
  • Mrs. Deborah Manning Jas
    Mrs. Deborah Manning
  • Dr. Tamu Davidson
  • Mr. Gervaise McLeod
  • Kandasi Levermore – Executive Director
    Kandasi Levermore – Executive Director
  • Mrs. Marilyn Thompson Jas
    Mrs. Marilyn Thompson


Management Team

 Name   Position
 Kandasi  Levermore  Executive Director
Dane Richardson Grants Manager
 Davina Gayle-Williams  Programme Development Manager
 Kriston Simms  Finance and Procurement Manager
 Tresha Muir  Administrator
Xavier Biggs  Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
 Database Manager

Finance Department

Finance & Procurement Officer
Aisha Harris Accountant
Pauline Flemmings Finance/Records Clerk
Stephanie Reid Master Candle Maker


N'Gala Jones Administrative/Executive Assistant
Receptionist Receptionist
Wilston DaCosta Driver
Office Attendant Office Attendant
Effin Ashbourne Security Officer


Nicolette Jones Research and Communications Coordinator
Marilyn Thompson Project Coordinator
Patrick Lalor Project Officer



Nichole Morris Regional Programme Manager

HIV Education, Prevention & Linkage to Care

Hanna-Lisa Morgan-Williams Targeted Interventions Officer
Jovani Campbell Peer Navigator
Donique Green Peer Navigator

Treatment, Care and Support

Yanique Williams Nurse/Treatment & Care Coordinator
Christina Gordon Case Manager
Adherence Counsellor Michelle Getten

CHAPTER: Montego Bay

Tyrone Ellis Chapter Manager & Prevention Coordinator
Kristal Barton Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

HIV Education, Prevention & Linkage to Care

Cyril Frater Targeted Interventions Officer
Allan Brown Peer Navigator
Romaine Knight Peer Navigator

Treatment, Care and Support

Nurse/Treatment & Care Coordinator
Myrthlyn Hudson Treatment & Care Officer
Peta-Gay Scott Case Manager
Mark Smith Adherence Counsellor
Dr. Andre Hill Psychologist


Melonie Lothian Office Attendant

CHAPTER: Ocho Rios


Ava Neil Chapter Manager & Prevention Coordinator
Andia Lalor Data Entry Officer

Treatment, Care and Support

Nurse/Treatment & Care Coordinator
Janet Evans-Daye Treatment & Care Officer
Maiseline Walters Case Manager
Nilfia Hazel Adherence Counsellor


Dane Cole Administration

JASL also works with part-time Staff and Volunteers including: Sessional Doctors, Sessional Adolescent Psychologists, Peer Links and Community Mobilisers

Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL) is primarily funded by international development partners. Fundraising activities and contributions from individuals and the business community have also contributed to organisation’s core work. For the 2018 programme year, JASL's work has been funded through the kind assistance of the following international partners:
  1. The Global Fund via The Ministry of Health
  2. United States Agency for International Development via The Ministry of Health
  3. AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  4. European Union
  5. United Nations Democracy Fund
  6. MacAIDS Fund

Special Projects
Jamaica AIDS Support for Life has launched the new projects:
✔ Promoting Human Rights and Rule of Law within the context of HIV and AIDS in Jamaica", funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund.
✔ Improving HIV-related Treatment, Care and Support Services for Trans-women in Jamaica", funded by Elton John AIDS Foundation.
✔ Strengthening Efforts to Improve HIV Treatment, Care and Support to Key Affected Populations", funded by MAC AIDS Fund.
✔ Reducing Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence against Women within the context of HIV and AIDS" funded by European Union

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