About the plans

As the demand for smaller homes increases nationwide, the Lowe’s Katrina Cottages—hailed as the new Sears & Roebuck House—continue to gain popularity. The Lowe’s Cottage Series includes 19 designs ranging from the original 308 sq. ft. cottage up to 1807 sq. ft. Several of the cottages have grow options that allow smaller cottages to be expanded over time.

Each cottage is named for the size of the plan in square feet. For example, the KC 544 is 544 square feet. Click on each plan name for overall dimensions and to read about individual features.

The Lowe’s Cottage Series represents the work of several designers. Included in this group are Marianne Cusato, Andres Duany, Eric Moser, Geoffrey Mouen and WA Lawrence.

The Katrina Cottage Series is no longer available through Lowe’s Homes Centers. We are currently restructuring our sales system and will have plans available again for sale in early fall 2011.