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S&GS : the effects of nuclear weapons

Compiled and edited by
Samuel Glasstone and Philip J. Dolan
Third Edition
Prepared and published by the

CHAPTER-I-General Principles of Nuclear Explosions
Characteristics of Nuclear Explosions, 1
Scientific Basis of Nuclear Explosions, 12
CHAPTER II-Descriptions of Nuclear Explosions. 26
Introduction. 26
Description of Air and Surface Bursts. 27
Description of High-Altitude Bursts. 45
Description of Underwater Bursts. 48
Description of Underground Bursts. 58
Scientific Aspects of Nuclear Explosion Phenomena. 63
CHAPTER III-Air Blast Phenomena in Air and Surface Bursts. 80
Characteristics of the Blast Wave in Air. 80
Reflection of Blast Wave at a Surface. 86
Modification of Air Blast Phenomena. 92
Technical Aspects of Blast Wave Phenomena. 96
CHAPTER IV-Air Blast Loading 127
Interaction of Blast Wave with Structures. 127
Interaction of Objects with Air Blast. 132
CHAPTER V -Structural Damage from Air Blast. 154
Introduction 154
Factors Affecting Response , 156
Commercial and Administrative Structures. 158
IndustriaI Structures 165
ResidentiaI Structures 175
Transportation 189
Utilities. 195
Miscellaneous Targets 206
Analysis of Damage from Air Blast 212
CHAPTER VI-Shock Effects of Surface and Subsurface Bursts. 231
Characteristics of Surface and Shallow Underground Bursts. 231
Deep Underground Bursts 238
Damage to Structures. 241
Characteristics of Underwater Bursts. 244
Technical Aspects of Surface and Underground Bursts. 253
Technical Aspects of Deep Underground Bursts. 260
Loading on Buried Structures. 263
Damage from Ground Shock 265
Technical Aspects of Underwater Bursts. 268
CHAPTER VII-Thermal Radiation and Its Effects. 276
Radiation from the Fireball 276
Thermal Radiation Effects 282
Incendiary Effects. 296
Incendiary Effects in Japan 300
Technical Aspects of Thermal Radiation. 305
Radiant Exposure-Distance Relationships. 316
CHAPTER VIII-Initial Nuclear Radiation. 324
Nature of Nuclear Radiations 324
Gamma Rays. 326
Neutrons. 340
Transient-Radiation Effects on Electronics (TREE) 349
Technical Aspects of Initial Nuclear Radiation. 353
CHAPTER IX-Residual Nuclear Radiation and Fallout. 387
Sources of Residual Radiation. 387
Radioactive Contamination from Nuclear Explosions. 409
Fallout Distribution in Land Surface Bursts. 414
Fallout Predictions for Land Surface Bursts. 422
Attenuation of Residual Nuclear Radiation. 439
Delayed Fallout. 442
Technical Aspects of Residual Nuclear Radiation. 450
CHAPTER X-Radio and Radar Effects. 461
Introduction 461
Atmospheric Ionization Phenomena. 462
Ionization Produced by Nuclear Explosions 466
Effects on Radio and Radar Signals. 479
Technical Aspects of Radio and Radar Effects. 489
CHAPTER XI-The Electromagnetic Pulse and its Effects. 514
Origin and Nature of the EMP 514
EMP Damage and Protection 523
Theory of the EMP 532
CHAPTER XII-Biological Effects. 541
Introduction 541
Blast Injuries. 548
Burn Injuries 560
Nuclear Radiation Injury. 575
Characteristics of Acute Whole-Body Radiation Injury. 583
Combined Injuries. 588
Late Effects of Ionizing Radiation. 589
Effects of Early Fallout 594
Long-Term Hazard from Delayed Fallout. 604
Genetic Effects of Nuclear Radiation. 609
Pathology of Acute Radiation Injury. 614
Blast-Related Effects 618
Effects on Farm Animals and Plants. 618

Glossary. 629
Guide to S I Units 642
Index. 644